Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Lenten Challenge

So, this realization hit near the end of the lenten season.  I decided to give up this personal TV time over lent, which lead to some interesting situations.  More importantly, I got a realization of how much TV I have actually watched over the past few months. 

Over the past two months, I found myself with quite a few weekends in which the apartment was eerily quiet as the TV was off.  It was in these times that I realized how different life would be over Lent, and likely after Lent as well.

What happened?  I re-learned how to appreciate silence, which I used to love but hadn't taken the time in a long while to enjoy it.  I also caught up on reading, including some Douglas Adams and the Hunger Games Trilogy (yes, I'll admit I've read it).  This newfound time also led to more opportunities for prayer and adventure outside the apartment.

What would you do with the hours in the week you normally spend watching tv?

Suggestion one for a life less passive:

Turn off the TV more often. Try it for a week. Try it for a Lenten season (40 days).

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